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Maono: Equipping Organizations and Changing Lives

We believe that citizens require a local support system that empowers them to take part in community development. This system involves local leaders, community-based organizations, and organizers, providing citizens with the knowledge and courage to engage in public processes. This network of social structures and community institutions aims to empower citizens by providing the tools…

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Championing Citizen Generated Data in Kenya in Partnership with KNBS

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) continues to lead the way in championing Citizen Generated Data in Kenya. On 22nd November the KNBS inaugurated their Technical Working Committee on Citizen-Generated Data (CGD) to strengthen stakeholder collaboration in adoption of quality CGD as an alternative source of data for official reporting where data gaps exist,…

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Journey to innovating a life changing “NoAppForThis Project” in Africa

When seeking care at health centres in the recent past, patients were bound to physical pamphlets or cards. The landscape, however, is changing rapidly, with electronic health records (EHR) ushering in a new era of healthcare accessibility.  Even though technology has unquestionably transformed society, not all African nations have completely embraced this digital transition. There…

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Data Privacy Policy - Open institute - Pexels
Top 7 Trends Shaping Data Privacy – 2024

As we approach 2024, data privacy has become an increasingly relevant topic. Just this July 2023, Kenya faced a pivotal moment when the e-Citizen government platform, entrusted with our most sensitive personal information, fell victim to a cyberattack. It was a Distributed denial-of-service (DDOC) attack that would see many Kenyans locked out of their government…

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Towards Africa’s GDPR?

Africa, with its tapestry of cultures and a history as old as time itself, is now amid a digital awakening. Stepping into the data era with purpose, it’s time we asked ourselves, “How do we take control of our digital narrative?” Multinational corporations are setting up the data rules—much like someone else dictating how we…

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Training Session Happening in Nandi County- October 2023
Connecting the dots on Health and Education in Nandi County

In our ongoing journey to educate communities through data-driven initiatives, the Open Institute  remains committed to supporting Nandi County. Our latest endeavor involves the systematic update of the Nandi county’s data desk, with a phased approach centered around key sectors: Health, Education, and Agriculture. Data Transformation in Phases Our project kicked off in October with…

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Unleashing Communities’ Potential: One year reflections of Maono Space

In today’s dynamic landscape, collaboration is not just a nicety—it’s a necessity. Silos stifle growth and innovation, and our community-based organizers, once isolated, yearned for deeper connection. This is where Maono Space has been transformational. Over the past year, by offering reliable internet, communal spaces, and an energizing community spirit, Maono has torn down walls,…

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The Impact of Citizen-Generated Data

While data generated by National Statistical Organisations (NSOs) and corporations has long been the focus of attention, there’s a growing recognition of the significance of Citizen Generated Data (CGD). CGD is data produced at the grassroots level by individuals, often through their daily activities and interactions. Through CGD citizens are not just data subjects but…

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