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Top 7 Trends Shaping Data Privacy – 2024

As we approach 2024, data privacy has become an increasingly relevant topic. Just this July 2023, Kenya faced a pivotal moment when the e-Citizen government platform, entrusted with our most sensitive personal information, fell victim to a cyberattack. It was a Distributed denial-of-service (DDOC) attack that would see many Kenyans locked out of their government…

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Towards Africa’s GDPR?

Africa, with its tapestry of cultures and a history as old as time itself, is now amid a digital awakening. Stepping into the data era with purpose, it’s time we asked ourselves, “How do we take control of our digital narrative?” Multinational corporations are setting up the data rules—much like someone else dictating how we…

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The Impact of Citizen-Generated Data

While data generated by National Statistical Organisations (NSOs) and corporations has long been the focus of attention, there’s a growing recognition of the significance of Citizen Generated Data (CGD). CGD is data produced at the grassroots level by individuals, often through their daily activities and interactions. Through CGD citizens are not just data subjects but…

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Citizen-Generated Data puts power in the citizens’ hands 

Traditionally, data collection initiatives have often been top-down, with external organizations setting the agenda and citizens responding reactively. In the traditional model, institutions play a central role in defining what data is collected and how it is collected. Citizens are seen as respondents, participating in data collection exercises initiated by others. While this approach is…

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