Active Citizenship

Our approach is defined by our belief that citizens own governments and therefore they should have the agency and confidence to speak up and use their voice to direct public projects.

We give the analogy of a shop. If you establish a shop and you employ me to keep the shop, you would frequently track inventory and look at the books in detail. So too must citizens look at public records.

In turn, governments at all levels must be open and allow citizens to review its records.


The projects

The CBO Data Leaders Fellowship

We work with community groups to build citizen capacity to use data for better engagement with government and other stakeholders

The Maono Space

The Maono Space in Malindi, Kilifi County, is an innovative space designed specifically for changemakers. In Maono, community mobilisers and organisers are offered the support and resources they need to make a significant impact.

The Ability Programme

We aim to gather data around our cities and clearly mark out how accessible these every day environments really are.

Open Extractives

We recognise artisanal small scale mining potential and the need to create a conducive ecosystem to foster its development.

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