Data Governance

In partnership with Amnesty International, the Open Institute aims to bring together expertise in data for human rights and data for development towards strengthening data governance in Kenya and Africa as a whole. 

Our primary goal is to collaborate to bring the data protection for human rights and data for development communities together to learn from and work closely with each other in order to strengthen advocacy around data governance issues in Kenya. 


The Projects

County engagements on Data Protection

Our goal is to demystify data protection at the sub-national level, and strengthen data protection systems and policies.

#Ficha Uchi

#FichaUchi is a citizen-centred awareness campaign on data privacy and data protection, the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner and the rights of citizens under the Act.

Restore Data Rights

The #RestoreDataRights is a continental movement that calls for governments to ensure that sensitive personal data used as part of the pandemic response is used responsibly, while ensuring the protection of people’s data rights.

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