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Announcing Maono Space, the dynamic <strong>collaboration space for changemakers</strong> 

We are thrilled to announce the opening of Maono in Malindi, Kilifi County, an innovative space designed specifically for changemakers. In Maono, community mobilisers and organisers are offered the support and resources they need to make a significant impact. Economic activity and cultural diversity in Malindi combine to make it an ideal location for Maono.…

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Open Institute Appoints New Board of Directors

The Open Institute team is proud to announce the appointment of five exceptional individuals to its Board of Directors. These notable additions bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and drive to our mission of advocating Responsive Government and Active Citizenship throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. We have been governed by the Trustees and an Advisory Board over…

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We are ten! Here are our 10 lessons in 10 years

This week, we celebrate ten years since our founders started on a journey towards an open society that is managed by informed, fact-driven citizens. Here’s a fun factoid: our original name was going to be lengthy – The African Centre for Open Governance and Open Data (ACOGOD). As we start thinking about things we are…

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Congratulations, Senator Crystal Asige

Image Credit Crystal Asige, our Ability Programme’s lead, has officially been gazetted as a Senator – representing persons living with disabilities in the Kenya Senate. We extend our congratulations to her and trust in her ability to advocate and advance the needs of persons with disabilities in her new role. Crystal has been instrumental in…

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Announcing the Green Fellowship

The Open Institute’s Green Fellowship is given in line with our goal to shed light to “the invisibles” – those communities of people who are most left behind due to poverty, lack of functional literacy and government support. The Open Institute is happy to announce The Open Institute Green Fellowship, a three-month-long programme in partnership…

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