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Is Your Data at Risk? How Kenya’s Finance Bill Proposes Access to Citizens’ Data

The Finance Bill, 2024 has sparked significant uproar across Kenya, leading to widespread demonstrations and public outcry. Citizens have taken to the streets to protest against the proposed tax increases, expressing their frustration and discontent with the government’s financial policies during a period of economic hardship. The protests have been marked by large gatherings in…

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Are Today’s Young People Active Citizens? 

There’s a perception that young people are less interested in politics and development than older generations. This might be true for traditional forms of citizen participation like voting, but it doesn’t mean they’re disengaged.  An active citizenry is vital for a healthy democracy. When young people feel their voices are unheard and the issues they…

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Promoting Quality Healthcare through Citizen Generated Data

We are currently experiencing a shift towards patient-centric care, where healthcare providers are expected to meet growing patient expectations while ensuring high-quality services. A 2021 report by KPMG revealed that 79% of healthcare facilities in charge believed the sector should adopt a more patient-centric approach to better address patient needs and preferences. Despite this, only…

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Hyperlocal Social Infrastructure for Systems Change

Systems change is the goal of our work, promoting Responsive Governments and Active Citizenship. Our pursuit of this goal has continually convinced us that systemic transformation must be built from the ground up. Actual progress lies in adjusting policies and reconfiguring the societal and governance ecosystems that determine whose voices are amplified and silenced. To…

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#FichaUchi: How community radio localized Data Rights Awareness in Kenyan Communities

We launched the #FichaUchi campaign to raise awareness about the inadvertent exposure of personal information among Kenyan citizens. Through a series of talk shows broadcasted on community radios across nine counties in Kenya, we sought to shed light on data protection and educate citizens with knowledge about their rights. The discussions touched on various facets…

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