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Hyperlocal Social Infrastructure for Systems Change

Systems change is the goal of our work, promoting Responsive Governments and Active Citizenship. Our pursuit of this goal has continually convinced us that systemic transformation must be built from the ground up. Actual progress lies in adjusting policies and reconfiguring the societal and governance ecosystems that determine whose voices are amplified and silenced. To…

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#FichaUchi: How community radio localized Data Rights Awareness in Kenyan Communities

We launched the #FichaUchi campaign to raise awareness about the inadvertent exposure of personal information among Kenyan citizens. Through a series of talk shows broadcasted on community radios across nine counties in Kenya, we sought to shed light on data protection and educate citizens with knowledge about their rights. The discussions touched on various facets…

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Sabasi 2.0
Sabasi is getting bigger and better!

Sabasi, our innovative and simple-to-use data collection tool will be going through a series of upgrades throughout the month of February. It has been exciting to witness the platform’s success, and we are committed to providing our users with the best possible experience. As we grow and thrive together, it is now crucial that we…

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Maono: Equipping Organizations and Changing Lives

We believe that citizens require a local support system that empowers them to take part in community development. This system involves local leaders, community-based organizations, and organizers, providing citizens with the knowledge and courage to engage in public processes. This network of social structures and community institutions aims to empower citizens by providing the tools…

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Unleashing Communities’ Potential: One year reflections of Maono Space

In today’s dynamic landscape, collaboration is not just a nicety—it’s a necessity. Silos stifle growth and innovation, and our community-based organizers, once isolated, yearned for deeper connection. This is where Maono Space has been transformational. Over the past year, by offering reliable internet, communal spaces, and an energizing community spirit, Maono has torn down walls,…

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The Impact of Citizen-Generated Data

While data generated by National Statistical Organisations (NSOs) and corporations has long been the focus of attention, there’s a growing recognition of the significance of Citizen Generated Data (CGD). CGD is data produced at the grassroots level by individuals, often through their daily activities and interactions. Through CGD citizens are not just data subjects but…

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