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Hyperlocal Social Infrastructure for Systems Change

Systems change is the goal of our work, promoting Responsive Governments and Active Citizenship. Our pursuit of this goal has continually convinced us that systemic transformation must be built from the ground up. Actual progress lies in adjusting policies and reconfiguring the societal and governance ecosystems that determine whose voices are amplified and silenced. To…

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Global Goals Week 2022 – it’s time to #Act4SDGs differently

Today marks the start of the Global Goals Week 2022, a shared commitment between more than 170 partners in civil society, business, academia, and the UN system to accelerate action on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially during the UN General Assembly High-level Week. Thousands of organisations and stakeholders congregate in hundreds of events worldwide to discuss ways…

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Restoring Data Rights Post-COVID-19 Crisis – Virtual Meeting

We are excited to have partnered with Data Ready to convene a virtual meeting to plan engagements with governments around the world regarding how data rights will be safeguarded when the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. What steps must be taken to #RestoreDataRights after the #COVID-19 pandemic is over? Tom Orrell, Managing Director, Data…

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Citizen Generated Data vs. Official Statistics

Should Citizen Generated Data be official? If not, does it make it any less essential? There is a tension that has existed in the past few years about the co-existence of official statistics on the one hand and citizen generated data on the other. The development community continues to grapple with the “official-ness” (and therefore…

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My experience at the 2nd UN Data Forum

The 2nd UN Data Forum was well attended in the beautiful City of Dubai. The participants came from across the globe and brought a wealth of knowledge and colorful culture to the event.  Over the next three days, over 75 sessions were on the agenda that would capture the interest of the participants. The sessions…

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Towards an (African-Led) Africa Network

Over the past decade – certainly since 2010 – Africans have made great strides in the use of technology and data for development and for transparency. There have been many landmark innovations that have emanated from the continent that have gone on to be useful in many other parts of the world. There have been…

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