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#FichaUchi: How community radio localized Data Rights Awareness in Kenyan Communities

We launched the #FichaUchi campaign to raise awareness about the inadvertent exposure of personal information among Kenyan citizens. Through a series of talk shows broadcasted on community radios across nine counties in Kenya, we sought to shed light on data protection and educate citizens with knowledge about their rights. The discussions touched on various facets…

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Congratulations, Senator Crystal Asige

Image Credit Crystal Asige, our Ability Programme’s lead, has officially been gazetted as a Senator – representing persons living with disabilities in the Kenya Senate. We extend our congratulations to her and trust in her ability to advocate and advance the needs of persons with disabilities in her new role. Crystal has been instrumental in…

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Through the lens of a woman film-maker at OI

I am told, I am the first woman to get inside a gold mine in Vihiga county, Kenya. In many parts of the world, women are not allowed to go anywhere near a mine because it’s believed that mining sites are men's territories, so women are responsible for removing gold from the soil after the actual mining process. Women are kept away from the mine shafts; dark, dusty, claustrophobia-inducing holes that usually go almost a Kilometre into the earth. “It is not safe for a woman to go down there. It is just not done."

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Adapt or die: When rivers change course

In August 2020, a story went viral about the Choluteca bridge in Honduras. Legend has it that the very well constructed bridge was built in a contract with the Japanese government in 1996. In 1998, when the bridge was commissioned for use, Honduras was hit by Hurricane Mitch, which caused considerable damage to the nation…

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Restoring Data Rights Post-COVID-19 Crisis – Virtual Meeting

We are excited to have partnered with Data Ready to convene a virtual meeting to plan engagements with governments around the world regarding how data rights will be safeguarded when the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. What steps must be taken to #RestoreDataRights after the #COVID-19 pandemic is over? Tom Orrell, Managing Director, Data…

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CensusKe: a new platform for exploring Kenya’s 2019 Census Data

We are excited to release, a new platform for all of the census 2019 data currently released by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, the principal agency of the Kenya Government for collecting, analysing and disseminating statistical data, and the custodian of official statistical information. The Bureau is also responsible for the coordination of…

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