March 6, 2020

CensusKe: a new platform for exploring Kenya’s 2019 Census Data

The Open Institute’s Founder, Al Kags, announcing the release of the new Census data platform

We are excited to release, a new platform for all of the census 2019 data currently released by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, the principal agency of the Kenya Government for collecting, analysing and disseminating statistical data, and the custodian of official statistical information. The Bureau is also responsible for the coordination of the National Statistical System (NSS) in the country.


This project is undertaken as a contribution to the 51st Session of the UN Statistical Commission 2020, whose theme is Better Data, Better Lives. 

KNBS has done a commendable job in releasing the Census 2019 data in four volumes:

  1. Volume I: Population by County and Sub-County
  2. Volume II: Distribution of Population by Administrative Units
  3. Volume III: Distribution of Population by Age, Sex and Administrative Units
  4. Volume IV: Distribution of Population by Socio-Economic Characteristics

The challenge being addressed is that the census data has been released in PDF format. Therefore it does not allow for it to be reused for visualisations that simplify understanding for everyone. It also does not allow people to overlay the data with other kinds of data for fresh insights that would help in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs.)

We hope that this data will be used by Civil Society Organisations, Academicians, Researchers, Innovators, Journalists and Citizens in Kenya to trigger solutions that will bring about change solutions that serve everyone. 

We further hope that this platform inspires both government agencies and non-state actors all over the world to release data in a machine-readable format. 

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