June 10, 2018

We have Rebranded!

Today, marks a new chapter in our lives. We have rebranded.

For the past six years, we have come a long way – from once being horribly incubated by another organisation, to starting from scratch in a small room above a bar in Nairobi West to being a stable, growing inclusive organisation that works towards sustainable change earnestly. We have grown a great deal in that time – our team is bigger and more diverse, our programmes and activities are more ground-breaking and impactful, and we have made strong and lasting partnerships with numerous other organisations and donors.

We rebranded to ensure that our brand visibly demonstrates who we are now, a strong, stable and steady organisation that remains just as committed to our values and principles (those have not changed). We are excited about the impact that we have within communities, nationally and globally and we want our brand to better communicate it.

You will notice that the O is not a perfect circle. This is to speak to the way we are – adaptable – we are always about experimenting and innovating for sustainable development. While we are bold and stable, we are open to learning and discovering what will works.

“For us, it remains important that government and citizens bridge the chasm that has grown over the past hundred years and that citizens are directly involved in their governance,” said founder, Jay Bhalla. Building on this success, we open the doors of the Open Institute with a view to institutionalising their work to build bridges between citizens and governments.

Even as we evolve our look & feel, one thing that remains true is this: we stick to our belief that if we can get governments to be more responsive and transparent to citizens’ needs, if we can get citizens to be active enough to know what is going on and to exercise their voices and if we can build global standards and policies that cement and strengthen fact-driven citizenship, our world will change for the better and we shall achieve the global goals.

We are excited. As always, we welcome friends and partners to get involved in what we are doing. Just reach out, we shall work together.

We are Open.

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