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The colour festival that marked the end of a successful programme at Lit Initiative

#BeLit: Lit Initiative’s work with Malindi’s youth

We’ve been supporting Lit Initiative, an organisation based in Malindi, Kilifi County, in a training programme educating 18 students on the functional literacy subsets of literacy and numeracy, financial literacy, civic literacy, digital literacy and life skills. At the point of graduation on the 7th of May, 2022, 12 students successfully finished the programme.

Buntwani as an action point

All over the world, states, organizations as well as individuals have been, and continue to be, in the habit of coming together for a cause.

Announcing the Kaya Community Lab

The team at the Open Institute is pleased to announce the launch of the Kaya Community Lab. This initiative brings together various stakeholders in communities and/or

The long road to citizen power

Very frequently, and more so  lately, our team gets up very early in the morning and prepares to set off to Lanet Umoja location in