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#FichaUchi: Analyzing the Impact of the Campaign’s Messaging

After the successful Ficha Uchi campaign we ran in 2023, reaching over 100 million people digitally, we assessed the impact of our messaging using a powerful tool called Swayable. Swayable operates on the principle of test and control sampling, a method widely employed in research and marketing to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions. The test…

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Maono: Equipping Organizations and Changing Lives

We believe that citizens require a local support system that empowers them to take part in community development. This system involves local leaders, community-based organizations, and organizers, providing citizens with the knowledge and courage to engage in public processes. This network of social structures and community institutions aims to empower citizens by providing the tools…

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Citizen-Generated Data puts power in the citizens’ hands 

Traditionally, data collection initiatives have often been top-down, with external organizations setting the agenda and citizens responding reactively. In the traditional model, institutions play a central role in defining what data is collected and how it is collected. Citizens are seen as respondents, participating in data collection exercises initiated by others. While this approach is…

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The Power of Local Engagement: Reflections from the Global Goals for Local Impact Project

In 2015, we did some work to try and see what citizens care about enough to act and be engaged with the government. We had a simple goal – to stimulate active citizenship and foster responsive government using data to aid communities to provide input into government activities. This project showed us that citizens cared…

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From Global to Local: Local Communities are Key to Achieving the SDGs

In the grand scheme of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the spotlight often falls on national and global leaders making lofty promises. However, the real action, the actual implementation, happens at the grassroots level. It’s in the hands of mayors, governors, chiefs, and the local communities themselves. Unfortunately, the tracking and transparency needed to…

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A Decade of Devolution & The Pursuit of Transformation

This week, we join counties in celebrating a decade of devolution – ten years since Kenya’s 47 counties came into being. The counties were established under the 2010 Constitution, but were actualised after the 2013 general elections. At those elections, Kenyans elected 47 new governors for the first time.  Scenes from the 2023 Devolution Conference…

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