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Community Leaders Induction in Mutukanio Location

We are almost coming to the end of the journey we commenced in the beginning of this month of organising the communities of Nakuru North sub-county under the Nyumba Kumi umbrella. We have come to understand that organising the communities at hyperlocal is a crucial exercise for implementing data driven projects and for enhancing citizen…

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Buntwani as an action point

All over the world, states, organizations as well as individuals have been, and continue to be, in the habit of coming together for a cause. The agenda of the cause varies according to the conveners. No matter the calibre/stature of the conveners, there is ordinarily an agenda that brings them together. Despite such meetings having…

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#DataWork: From the Abstract to the reality

The Open Institute is excited to note that the brand new dispensary at Lanet Umoja, the first public dispensary in the area since Kenya’s independence in 1963, is almost complete. At this time last year, the dispensary was a mere hope in the minds of Lanet Umoja’s community and in that of their Chief Francis…

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Bahati: a great start to the scale up marathon.

Following the success we had in Lanet Umoja location, where we worked with Chief Kariuki, our scale up process officially kicked off today as we have started a marathon series of introductory sessions in four locations – Bahati, Kirima, Githioro and Mereroni. Our first stop is in Bahati location in the Northern part of Nakuru…

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Checking in: visiting the experience

Sometimes, our blog posts are so high level that we forget to give the interesting minutiae and details of our experience when we go every week. We are currently working in Lanet Umoja location working with women groups to collect SDG 5 data in partnership with Civicus Datashift and with the leadership of Chief Kariuki…

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Data for data’s sake… is good. 

Today was a public holiday in Kenya as muslims celebrate Idd-ul-Adha, the festival that commemorates Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son to please Almighty God. While the rest of the country took time off, my team and I used the day to bond with each other in the office over chocolate encrusted doughnuts, Mandazi (a…

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