February 21, 2019

Our Website Reloaded (Again)


Today, we relaunch (again!) our new website.

This would be the fourth iteration of our website since we started out in September 2012. What’s more, is that it is the second iteration since we rebranded in June 2018. This iteration was provoked by a recent hacking attack on our online properties and as we strengthened our security, we decided to review the comments that we were given when we first released our website in June 2018 to make it better, more engaging and more informative.

These seemingly erratic changes in our communications are, to us, a demonstration of our deep thinking about ourselves and about how we communicate what we know and what we are learning.

We have chosen to be the kind of organisation that is constantly experimenting, finding new ways of achieving our goals – to bridge the engagement gap between citizens and government in meaningful ways. Our goals are founded on our belief that when citizens get involved in a collaborative manner with the government, development happens better, faster and more sustainably.

As an experimenting organisation, we are in almost in constant flux as we introspect, try and modify our models and approaches. We also try to be a learning organisation that documents what we are doing and thinking as we go and so communication is at the heart of what we do. We try and find interesting ways to showcase our learning – such as our lessons reporting on our subnational work that you will find at datalocal.info.

We have been unhappy with the structure of our website and so we are working to simplify and improve it. We think we are just about there. In this new iteration, you will notice a few things:

We have brought the blog and videos front and centre so that it is easy to find what we are up to all the time.
We have strengthened the website’s friendliness for people with some visual impairment – bigger letters, higher contrast and some additional disability friendly functionalities.
When you go into our corporate suite, we have restructured our information so that it is easy for you to understand what we do, how and (most importantly) why.
We have made it easier for people to find ways to speak with us – if you put information in the contact sheets, we are better suited to respond.
Stronger integration of our social interactions.

In everyday practice, you can expect to see very frequent updates from us, here and on our social media platforms. If you haven’t already, please subscribe here to get updates via email and/ or text message.

To keep track of our work, our experiences and our lessons please subscribe to our posts and you will be alerted every time we make a post. We also invite you to subscribe to our Youtube Channel and follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We promise to be engaging and we will not spam you!

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