March 15, 2018

Day 6 – Community Leaders Induction : Githioro Location


Githioro location, is located on the southern slopes of the Dundori hills. The hills are covered by a dense forest that has been battling deforestation from the outlawed charcoal burners. The forests is also shared with Dundori location and is a source of the Wanyororo and Mbaruku rivers that snake through the location southwards and into Lanet Umoja and Mereroni locations, who are its southern neighbors.

The northern region population consists of small and large scale farmers. They farm mainly maize, peas, carrots, cabbage and potatoes. There are a few who also practice animal husbandry though not largely for commercial purposes. The southern region of the location consists of mushrooming housing structures that are used for rentals for the growing population as well as small businesses. There are good road networks though not tarmacked which interconnect the 3 sub-locations in Githioro location namely Mugwathi, Giachonge and Githioro.




The Nyumba Kumi leaders meeting was well attended, having 102% turnout. This unusual numbers was as a result of some leaders coming with their deputies. The average age of the leaders was noted to be 70 years, which was composed of 23% women and 2% youth (under 40 years). Though the majority of the participants were elderly, they arrived on time, braving the wet conditions and cold that had extended from the heavy rains experienced the night before. The leadership session moderated by the ACC1 Monica Ithatwa began shortly after introductions and welcoming note from the ACC of Dundori Division Mr. Stephen Mwakwi and Chief Mary Muthoni who are Githioro location administrators.


Deputy County Commissioner, Mutua Kisilu

The Nakuru North Sub County, Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Mr. Kisilu Mutua, joined the meeting and was greeted with excitement clearly indicating the good relation he had with the local leaders. He briefly took time to emphasize the roles of Nyumba Kumi leaders in the location. “You are the first people to know and identify the changes and challenges within the neighbourhood” he said. The administrators need the local leaders to effectively perform their duties, especially on security and developmental matters. The DCC also noted the low numbers of youth present in the meeting and requested the elderly leaders to engage and include the youth in such meetings for sustainability and continuity.

The meeting which ended in the late afternoon had seen the leaders engage in leadership and development session, the children protection and adult education sessions. They left with renewed and expectant mindset.

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