April 14, 2017

Release: DevolutionHub v2 Beta – One Stop Platform for Devolution Information

The Open Institute is really excited to release the beta version of a new iteration of DevolutionHub. DevolutionHub is designed as a one-stop-repository for all devolution documents in Kenya. The project was developed in recognition that there is a need in Kenya, to have an easy-to-use platform where the body of knowledge that is developed on Devolution can be accessed – not just by the county governments, but also by Civil Society, Private Sector and Individuals.

The new look DevolutionHub platform has incorporated a new feature that allows for organisations and individuals to have their own pages within the platform where they would upload documents that they wish to disseminate on devolution. It also features a stronger search facility, an inbuilt document viewer (you no longer have to download documents in order to view them), a comprehensive events platform and a secure administration function.

What we have done with the new iteration of the platform is to pass on control of the information to all stakeholders, who may now sign up, set up their own profiles and pages and publish information. Individuals also can review documents, download as they need them, comment, rate and share the documents that they feel are important to them.

The release was officially done during a stakeholder breakfast that was held in our offices at 209 State House Road. The event was attended by various government officials from the Council of Governors, the Commission for Revenue Allocation and others as well as members of the Civil Society.

The platform is developed with support from the World Bank’s Kenya Accountable Devolution Program.  Lauding the progress that the Open Institute has made in maintaining the DevolutionHub platform since 2014, the World Bank’s Ms. Annette Omollo said, “We see DevolutionHub as an important tool to harness the body of knowledge of Devolution and to promote transparency even at county levels in Kenya.”

It was noted that there are various other initiatives that are seeking to build repositories for devolution in Kenya. These include the Commission for Revenue Allocation, the Council of Governors through Maarifa Centre – an innovative initiative which will support peer learning and knowledge sharing among county governments.

The Open Institute’s Founder, Al Kags offered the platform for the use by these organisations and agencies. “There is really no reason for duplication of efforts and for others to go through the efforts that we have to develop the platform. The repository is Open Source and is easy to deploy and the Open Institute is within its mandate to freely share the platform for others to build upon.”

Would you like to know more about how to use DevolutionHub and to integrate it to your website? Contact us and we will be sure to help.

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