June 3, 2016

Announcing the Devolution Tweetchat hosted by Open Institute & World Bank

The Devolution Tweetchat
7 June 2016, 1pm – 3pm
#WBGOpenDay #Devolution

The World Bank Kenya Office has organised an Open Day on 7th June 2016 to bring the various organisations it partners with to showcase their various activities. The partners include the Kenya ICT Authority, Kenya National Bureau of Statistics and various other government agencies.

Featured in the Open Day will also be civil society organisations like The Open Institute and others. We are excited to be showcasing the work that we have been doing on subnational transparency – especially the Open County project and Devolution Hub

As part of the Open Day, Open Institute has joined with the World Bank to host a twitter chat on Devolution starting from 1pm to 3:00 pm on 7 June 2016. The theme of the day shall be, “Checking #Devolution: how are we doing 3 years into it?”

We invite you to contribute to the twitter chat and lend your on voice to the issue – How’s Devolution doing in your own view? What still needs to be done? What are you happiest about?  How is it going in your county?

The Devolution Tweetchat
7th June 2016, 1pm – 3pm
#WBGOpenDay #Devolution


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