December 14, 2015



A Roundtable Conversation, suppported by UNICEF Kenya, on the State of Devolution and the Data Revolution in Kenya was held in Nairobi. This event was aimed at drawing on both experience and evidence-­based lessons to share, support and capture in the current devolution and data revolution landscape. In addition, we hope to review the progress that Kenya has made in collating sub­national data to support devolved governance and to gain a better understanding of the next steps. These informal discussions took stock of devolution, two and a half years since its establishment in March 2013 and identify the key priority deliverable that we must achieve between now and the next elections in 2017.

At the event, we had a detailed discussion relating to the data driven work that we are doing in Lanet Umoja, Nakuru County as well as the data-driven work done by UNICEF in Turkana County – especially with relation to children and young people. For UNICEF, the priority is to support child ­sensitive devolution at county and national level, therefore we were particularly interested in the potential impact of devolution on the realization of all children’s and adolescents’ rights.

This event is part of the Buntwani series of events that brings together actors from the civil society, technology, donor, research, government and policy sectors focusing on the intersection of governance and innovation. It provides a platform for reflection, analysis and candid dialogue on the impact of technology ­supported initiatives aimed at empowering citizens to voice their concerns and demands, and improve government’s’ responsiveness and accountability to their citizens.

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