February 25, 2015

Moving on and up: Muchiri Nyaggah transition from OI executive

The Open Institute is today announcing the transition of Muchiri Nyaggah who has been serving as Deputy Executive Director and Policy Lead. Muchiri will be transitioning out over the next few months from the position he has served in since 2013.

Although he will not be serving in an executive position at the Open Institute, Muchiri will remain part of the Open Institute family as he will be joining the Board where his service to the organisation shall continue. His dedication and service to the organisation is greatly appreciated and his particular brand of efficiency will be missed.

Muchiri will be moving to Local Development Research Institute (LDRI) where he will be starting his new role as Executive Director.  More information about the transition will be available in an upcoming blog post.

The Open Institute family wish him all the best in the next phase of his journey and thank him for his service to Open Institute in the last 2 years. We look forward to his continued guidance and support as a member of the Board.

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