October 31, 2014

Come join us at the Open Duka Hackathon in Mombasa!

Open Institute and M-Power would like to jointly invite developers out there to the Open Duka Hackathon.

We are happy to invite you to the second Open Duka Hackathon on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2014 at Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies. The event will be open to Software and Web Developers, who will either make use of the Open Duka API or add features to the Open Duka Platform.

Open Duka has been our labor of love for the past 2 years to map companies, contracts, court cases to people and visualise their connections. For us, this intel -understanding these connections – is important for citizens to strengthen how they interact with their immediate world.

Since we started the Open Duka journey, we have come a long way and the platform has gone through a number of iterations.

At the hackathon we want to open it up to the wider community to shape its growth through new datasets and new (and improved) features. We hope that developers will find uses for the API and existing features to build amazing tools on Open Duka.

We hope journalists and CSO practitioners will learn to use Open Duka to tell more incisive stories and advocate more factually.

Come join us for a weekend of coding, great conversations and lots of fun in an outdoor Hackday!! We are looking forward to seeing you. Space is limited so please RSVP here to reserve your spot.

Get your ticket now!

About M-Power

M-Power is a community-based organization. The organization will focus on socio-economic empowerment through technology as a means, inspiring and developing individuals and help them develop new and innovative ideas through networking, access to training and support and professional mentoring and coaching. It will bring together investors, donors, entrepreneurs, experts, artists, and other individuals and will provide them with an opportunity to share knowledge, learn, find mentors and expound on their talents, abilities and innovative ideas that will lead to the development of Kenya and globally at large. The group will recruit membership both physically and virtually around the community.

For more information about M-Power, please visit http://m-power.or.ke.

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