December 3, 2013

CSO position paper on AU2063: Please contribute

The Africa Freedom of Information Centre, AFIC has been invited to attend African Union consultation on the continent’s strategy for the next 50 years- AU Agenda 2063. We have informed AU Commission our intention to consult our members and partners who for one reason or another are not to be physically consulted by the African Union Commission.

As you are aware, the African Union aims to become a “People Centred Union” and the African Union Commission is pleased to receive inputs from all Africans. This is captured in the Director’s own words pasted here, “Of course, the inputs from your colleagues are very welcome, please do not hesitate to send me any value-adds, the Africa 2063 Agenda is for all African and should be by all Africans”.

This is an important opportunity to put open agenda, at the heart of the continents business-building on what has happened in the continent’s last 50 years. We invite African organizations to sign the attached statement by providing us name of organization and logo. We are also open to make adjustments on the statement, so please in case there are some points that need further reflections we are happy to receive your inputs.

We are working on tight timelines and would appreciate your feedback by close of business on Thursday, December 5, 2013 (East Africa Time).

AFIC and Open Institute have made a draft of the submissions (below), which you can access online on Google Drive which we have shared below and which you can go to directly at

We have opened the document up to everyone to provide input and we will finalise the document before the event.

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