September 25, 2018

Citizen Generated Data: What we now know


Today, we are excited to release, a web site through which we share our experiences working on citizen generated data projects since September 2015. Our Global Goals for Local Impact programme kicked off when we took the position that the Sustainable Development Goals are best achieved at hyperlocal level, outwards.

We started with a Pilot Project with the Tweeting Chief, Francis Kariuki and following its success, we scaled up to work with 5 other locations. We had a false start last year in the midst of the tense political period that we had around the 2017 elections but we were able to get back on the project this year.

Through, we seek to show case our frank reflections of the programmes – what worked, what did not work, what did we learn, what do we now know about Citizen Generated Data. We have done a series of videos as well with our lessons and reflections.

It is our hope that this website will be useful for everyone who has an interest in organising citizens to collect or work with data.

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