May 25, 2015

Introducing the Badili Initiative



We are happy to unveil Badili (Swahili for Change), which is an on-line resource to share stories and experiences, initiatives, content, and generally track progress on the data revolution in Africa.

This initiative, driven in partnership with Development Initiatives – Africa Hub, Hivos East Africa and the Association of Freelance Journalists, is a contribution to the growing momentum in Africa towards reaching and implementing action around the Data Revolution.

The idea for this website emerged out of interest for continued and substantive engagements around the data revolution, following the adoption of the Africa Data Consensus during the High-Level Conference on the Data Revolution in Africa held March 27–29 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was one of the key recommendations by a meeting of diverse stakeholders from the continent on the last day of the conference.

Please check it out at and share your comments. The website also has a forum that allows members to have discussions on existing, emerging and evolving issues around the data revolution and related topics in Africa. Please register online and also follow the initiative on twitter @BadiliAfrica

Badili is a Swahili word for change/transform.
We invite you to share your comments, stories, initiatives, and more importantly content (blogs, publications, reports, commentaries, visualisations, photos and captions, cartoons/illustrations etc).
We look forward to your support in making this a rich and highly relevant resource hub – even as we develop it further.


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