June 13, 2014

Data Visualization Training at TISA

On 29th May 2014, we conducted a Data Visualization training at The Institute for Social Accountability (TISA), a civil society initiative committed towards the achievement of sound policy and good governance in local development in Kenya, to uplift livelihoods of, especially, the poor and marginalized.

TISA collects, organizes and publishes tons of data with a view to promote effective and accountable devolved governance in Kenya.

For a country that aspires towards democratic values and good governance, publishing this information in a way that citizens are able to make meaning of it and use it to make everyday decisions that determine their quality of life is of paramount importance.

We believe TISA understands this very well and as such, reached out to Open Institute to conduct a training for their staff on data visualization – recognizing our strength, experience and success in the area with tools like KCPE Trends and Open Duka.

We conducted a full day training at TISA headquarters. The below slide deck provides an insight to the training we conducted.

Open Institute offers trainings on Open Data and related topics. If interested in the training, please send us an email at hello@openinstitute.com and we’ll be happy to work with you or your organization to understand Open Data.

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