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Global Goals for Local Impact: Chiefs’ Update

Yesterday we met the administration leadership of the whole division, where Lanet Umoja is. As you may recall from a previous blog post, a division has several locations. The Dundori division has four locations – Dundori, Lanet-Umoja, Githioro and Mirironi. In the meeting, which was chaired by the Assistant County Commissioner in charge of Dundori…

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Developing the right tools for citizen participation

It’s always an exciting moment when an idea is formulated and the time to engage other users nears. The introduction of such a system needs to be well thought of especially if there are technical aspect involved. We (Open Institute) recently embarked on a citizen  involved and engagement pilot project in one of the locations in…

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The International Budget Partnership (IBP) Kenya shared with the public the updated version of Kenya’s budget calendar. This budget map outlines key dates in Kenya’s National and County budget cycles from formulation to audit/oversight stages. In addition, it shows various budget documents that should be made available throughout the cycle. You can find the calendar…

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