July 1, 2015

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A new approach to measuring the impact of open data

This original blog was posted by Julia Keseru Strong evidence on the long-term impact of open data initiatives is incredibly scarce. The lack of compelling proof is partly due to the relative novelty of the open government field, but also to the inherent difficulties in measuring good governance and social change. We know that much…

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Can Co-Working on a Deadline Create Better Public Policy?

Four cities across the world are preparing to launch the “GovCombinator.” Jean-Louis Sarbib (left), Dennis Whittle (middle) and Nathaniel Heller (right) are promoting a new process for solving city-level problems. They call it “GovCombinator.” (Christopher Swope) WASHINGTON, United States—On the fifth floor of a glassy office building here, just a few blocks from the White…

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