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Our Values


Our Guiding Principles


This refers to our ability to move, adjust and adapt quickly to changes within our organization and environment

When we are agile, we will easily adapt to the changing needs of our communities & partners so that we can provide solutions that are impactful and sustainable.


Open Institute is a lab – a place of experimentation and trial for better governance and service delivery.


This refers to the provision of an environment where everyone is respected, feels engaged and their contributions sought after and valued.


Effectiveness is the ability to  produce as required. 

This means our outputs must always be as requested/desired by our teams, partners, clients and communities.


We pay attention to detail and perform our tasks with utmost care, thoughtfulness and completeness.

It's not just about completing tasks, it's how we complete them that matters to us.

Impact & Sustainability

Impact means we want to develop solutions and data that can influence the lives of citizens across Africa, including ourselves.

Sustainability refers to meeting our current needs (and those of others) without compromising the ability of future provision

Our work and everything we do must have a positive impact and be sustainable.

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